2011-2012 Bowled Over!

Middleton fielded 3 FTC team for the Bowled Over season. Teams Minotaur and Masquerade won the Florida state championship at Embry-Riddle University. Masquerade was one of only three teams in the state of Florida and the only team in Hillsborough County to earn a spot in the world championship held in St. Louis. After some mechanical difficulties, Masquerade was selected as first pick for what turned out to be the winning alliance, thus earning the title ‘World Champion’


2011-12 Season BOWLED OVER!

Bowled Over!, released on 10 September 2011, is the 2011–12 robotics competition for FIRST Tech Challenge. Two alliances compete to score racquetballs into alliance-colored scoring goals. The name refers to two bowling balls on the field used for scoring points. Learn more on Wikipedia

Team Captains
FTC 1369 Minotaur:
FTC 3846 Aionos Tyfonos: Mark Fernandez
FTC 4997 Masquerade:  Jason Howard



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