2013-2014 Block Party!

In the 2013-2014 FTC season, an alliance of teams 3846 Maelstrom and Team 4997 Masquerade were part of the alliance that won the FL state championships, earning them bids to the new ‘super-regional’ in San Antonio, TX. Team 1369 Minotaur also won a bid to San Antonio. At the super-regional, all three teams won bids to the world championships to be held in St. Louis. Team 4997 Masquerade was the alliance captain in the semi-finals and placed third at the FTC 2014 World Championship


2013-14 Season BLOCK PARTY!

Block Party!, released on September 7, 2013, is the 2013–2014 robotics competition for FIRST Tech Challenge. In the competition, two alliances, each consisting of two teams of high school students, compete to score blocks in plastic crates atop alliance-colored pendulums. Block Party! is the ninth FTC challenge.  Learn more on Wikipedia

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