2016-2017 Velocity Vortex

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2016-17 Season Velocity Vortex

VELOCITY VORTEXSM presented by Qualcomm is played on a 12 ft. × 12 ft. square field. The field is divided diagonally into a “red” and a “blue” side corresponding to the two alliances. In the center of the field are two goals on a rotatable stand called the Center Vortex. Two ramps, each with a goal, called the Corner Vortex, are placed in opposite sides of the field. The Center Vortex Goals and Corner Vortexes are alliance specific. There are also four alliance neutral Beacons, two placed on each front wall next to the Corner Vortex. There are floor markings as well as Vision Targets placed on the field walls as reference points for robot navigation. Alliance-specific scoring elements for VELOCITY VORTEX are five small balls called Particles and one large ball called a Cap Ball per alliance. At the start of a match, each alliance has three Particles available for preloading and scoring during the Autonomous period. Each alliance can earn up to two more Particles for use during the Driver-Controlled period by claiming Beacons during the Autonomous period.

Team Captains
FTC 3846 Maelstrom:  Adam Cook & Jonathan Goldney
FTC 4997 Masquerade:  Forest Brown



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