2017 FIRST Steamworks

Minotaur competed in the 2017 season FIRST Steamworks making it to the Quarterfinals at each tournament. For the 3rd year in a row, Minotaur had a Dean’s List Finalist when Erin Piacitelli won at the Palmetto Regional. Minotaur earned an at-large bid and returned to the FIRST Championship for the 3rd year in a row.

2017 Season FIRST Steamworks

FIRST Steamworks is the game for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition. The game is played by two alliances of three teams each. Their robots compete on a field by scoring wiffle-balls which represent fuel into a simulated boiler which transfers the generated steam into an airship in the middle of the field. Each alliance has one airship, which they pressurize with steam from the boiler and load with plastic gears from the field. At the end of the match, robots can hang on team-supplied ropes attached to the airship for additional points. More Information can be found on Wikipedia

Team Captain:  Erin Piacitelli & Jack McFarlane
Drive Team

Isaac Fritz

Ethan Hillman

Gavin Nicely

Ryan Ward

Rich Berglund


Dean’s List Finalist – Erin Piacitelli

Best Mascot Award – Rocket City Regional

FIRST LEGO League Volunteer of the Year – Rich Berglund


Palmetto Regional

in Myrtle Beach, SC 29578, USA
March 1 – March 4, 2017

Team 1369 was Rank 16 with a record of 5-5-0 and won the following awards:

  • FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award (Erin Piacitelli)
  • Quality Award sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation

Rocket City Regional

in Huntsville, AL 35801, USA
March 22 – March 25, 2017

Team 1369 was Rank 42 with a record of 4-9-0

FIRST Championship – Newton Division

in Houston, TX, USA
April 19 – April 22, 2017

Team 1369 was Rank 53 with a record of 4-6-0


Robot Data

Robot Name:  EXODIA



Drive Train:  6 wheel (CIM), two speed West Coast Drive  4 x 4in Colson wheels 2 x 4in Omni wheels

2 speed/torque shifting gear boxes and Power Take Off (PTO) for climbing