Newsletter #19

May 29, 2014

Middleton Robotics Parents, Students, Sponsors, & Volunteers:

Thanks to everyone that attended the final parents meeting at Middleton last Friday, May 23, 2014.  If you missed the discussion, I have attached the presentation we reviewed during that meeting. This email contains additional information about two of the topics discussed during the meeting:

1.       Yellow Book Distribution Fundraiser

2.       Season Celebration Party—May 31, 2014

Newsletter Details:

1.       Yellow Book Distribution Fundraiser – Last year we were able to get a jumpstart on the next seasons fundraising by earning $2,711 and it allowed many students to receive credit toward their fundraising requirements for the 2013-14 season (e.g.  Elijah DeWolf raised $782.45, Jon Roth raised $364.05, & Nick Berglund raised $300.83).  The main reason we were able to raise $2,711 is because we had multiple parents that organized individual groups of students to distribute the Yellow Books.  The more people involved, the more routes we can do, and the more money we can raise.  The Yellow Book Distribution starts on June 2, 2014 and you will need to go to the warehouse (Seaboard Terminals, 6708 Harney Road, Tampa, FL).  Before going, I suggest you first decide what zip codes and areas you are interested in distributing books.  When you arrive at the warehouse, please tell them that you are a part of the Middleton High School Robotics Club and they will work with you to find routes for you.  After completing the route(s), you will need to return to the warehouse and return any books you did not distribute along with the distribution worksheet.  They will give you a receipt for your route and the dollar amount that will be credited to the account.  Please email me the dollar amount and the students that helped you distribute the books along with the hours they worked.  The following link provides a video with more details about the process:


2.       Season Celebration Party—May 31, 2014– I will again be hosting an end of year celebration party at my house located at 18806 Crescent Road, Odessa.  We will start at 1pm and end when the last person leaves.  As usual, I will provide the main meal for dinner but I am asking for everyone to bring drinks, snacks, and side dishes.  All students, parents, and family members are welcome to attend. So far, I have received an RSVP email from 10 people. Please response to this email prior to May 27th and let me know how many people will be attending and if you will bring drinks, snacks, or a side dish.

 Hans K. Wolf

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