Middleton Robotics is about more than just building robots; we are about changing the culture in which we live. Our mission is to help transform students into engineers, and engineers into heroes. Over the history of our teams, we have been looking at the big picture, and have promoted an atmosphere of competition while sustaining gracious professionalism. Whether it’s mentoring other Robotics teams, introducing Robotics to new schools and students, or making presentations to the community-at-large, Outreach is a vital component of the Middleton Robotics program. Year-round, we develop and hosts Outreach events. Middleton Robotics is dedicated to aiding the community and giving back. Through community service activities like trash clean-up and poverty aid, the outreach program concentrates on promoting Middleton Robotics and the messages of FIRST. We have several goals including getting the entire club involved in community service and to expose our teams to new sponsors and people.


“Somewhere out there right now is a kid who is tinkering. I know, because I was one of those kids. The sort that frustrates their parents by taking apart all of the birthday presents to see how they work. This curiosity, this passion for discovery, must be nurtured and encouraged throughout childhood and in our educational system. We cannot allow that fire of innovation to be snuffed out. We have to make it loud.”

Dean Kamen, co-founder and director of FIRST