FRC 1369 Minotaur

Team 1369 Minotaur, the oldest robotics program of Middleton Robotics, is a high school competitive robotics team competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) program. Our main headquarters is Middleton Magnet High School, however, membership is not limited to Middleton students.  We either currently have or previously have had students from Newsome High School, Robinson High School, Tampa Preparatory Academy, and even home-school members.  If you are interested in joining Team 1369 Minotaur, use the contact form.

Organized in 2004, Minotaur has enjoyed both the successes and challenges of any competitive team. Throughout its history, Minotaur has qualified for and competed at the FIRST Championship for a total of 7 years. Minotaur team membership has steadily increased every year from the initial 12 students to more than 50 in the 2017 season.

Minotaur is also unique in that it has an apprentice program where 7th and 8th grade students can join the team under strict rules and thereby learn the use of tools and concepts.  If you are interested in the Minotaur Apprentice Program, use the contact form to learn details.

More Than Robots

In this 6-week build season, Minotaur teaches students more than just “how to build a robot.” We learn to work with limited time and resources while gaining the skills and experiences necessary to pursue jobs in the STEM fields and lead us into successful futures. We build leadership skills by working with mentors as our guides, giving students ample opportunity to contribute to the team independently. We are able to sustain our program through the generous donations and sponsorships of local and national businesses, organizations and individuals.

Team Minotaur, above all, gives back by practicing “gracious professionalism”, a concept developed by Dr. Flowers, where we encourage all students on our team to assist other teams in any way necessary–such as lending other teams equipment or spare parts, updating robot software, or sharing our expertise and experience–so all participants are able to compete with their robots . We are also actively involved with students in our community spreading the message of the importance of STEM education. We host FLL (FIRST® LEGO League) workshops and tournaments for elementary and middle school students–the largest in the state. And we use our expertise to teach younger students about robotics and STEM subjects in our annual Middleton Robotics Summer Camp which consists of a VEX and FLL program.



Beginning with the 2015 season, Team Minotaur decided to recognize the person who went above and beyond and contributed to the operations and success of the team. The awardee is honored with the “Minotaur Award” at the annual banquet and their name is etched onto the Minotaur plaque.

2017 – Andrew Butt and Kenny Philippus

2016 – Alex DiMartino

2015 – Jonah Allen

FRC Season Archive


2017 FIRST Steamworks

Minotaur competed in the 2017 season FIRST Steamworks making it to the Quarterfinals at each tournament. For the 3rd year in a row, Minotaur had a Dean’s List Finalist when Erin Piacitelli won at the Palmetto Regional. Minotaur earned an at-large bid and returned to the FIRST Championship for the 3rd year in a row.  Learn More


2016 FIRST Stronghold

Minotaur competed in the 2016 season FIRST Stronghold and won the Palmetto Regional earning its 3rd Blue Banner and another trip to the FIRST Championship. Our safety program took a big leap with another safety video submission and a 2nd safety Star of the Day and Safety Hard Hat award at the Orlando regional.  For the 2nd year in a row, Minotaur had another Dean’s List finalist as Andrew Butt won again at the Palmetto Regional. Learn More

2015 Recycle Rush

Minotaur competed in the 2015 season Recycle Rush making it to Finalist Alliance at Georgia Southern Classic regional and receiving an at-large bid to FIRST Championship.  It also marked the first year Minotaur submitted a Safety Animation video for judging. 2015 also was the year that Minotaur had a Dean’s List Finalist when Andrew Butt won at the Georgia Southern Classic Regional. Learn More


2014 Aerial Assist

Minotaur competed in the 2014 season Aerial Assist in a rebuilding year. The team welcomed several new freshmen, adult mentors, and corporate sponsors. It was a return to competing at 2 regional competitions in single season with competitions at the South Florida Regional and the Orlando Regional. Learn More

2013 Ultimate Ascent

Minotaur welcomed a new Head Coach and other adult mentors. The team also saw an increase in freshmen and transfer students as the program regained competence and credibility as it competed at the South Florida regional in a rebuilding year. Learn More

2012 Rebound Rumble

Minotaur returned to competition after a year hiatus during the 2012 season Rebound Rumble. The small team of 15 students and 3 adult mentors accomplished their goals for the season while competing at the South Florida Regional. Through the great support from Middleton High School and Title I grants, the team was able to compete. Learn More


2010 Breakaway

Minotaur competed in the 2010 season Breakaway.  Learn More



2009 Lunacy

Minotaur competed in the 2009 season Lunacy.  Learn More



2008 FIRST Overdrive

Minotaur competed in the 2008 season FIRST Overdrive.  Learn More



2007 Rack N’ Roll

Minotaur’s 2007 season earned it another Regional winner’s banner and a trip to the FIRST Championship – its 3rd trip is first 4 years of existence.  2007 was also the first year Minotaur conducted a joint build with FRC 1902 Exploding Bacon. This endeavor resulted in 2 robots with like capabilities, both of which were successful at their respective regional competitions. Learn More



2006 Aim High

Minotaur competed in the 2006 season, Aim High.  Learn More



2005 Triple Play

Minotaur’s second year and first year competing in the state of Florida. Minotaur returned to FIRST Championship for second straight year.  Learn More



2004 FIRST Frenzy: Raising the Bar

2004 was FRC 1369 Minotaur’s rookie season. The team performed very well winning the Peachtree Regional and thereby earning a bid to compete in the FIRST Championship.  Learn More




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