Minotaur Madness

This is the official page for MINOTAUR MADNESS, a FIRST LEGO League West Florida Region Practice Tournament.  This year’s tournament will be held December 2, 2017 at Stewart Magnet Middle School in Tampa, FL.


Teams register for MINOTAUR MADNESS using the official West Florida FIRST LEGO Region rules.  NO DIRECT REGISTRATION will be accepted.  Teams will be provided with instructions on payment of fees.


Concessions will be provided by FRC Minotaur as a fundraiser.  If you would like to pre-order your lunch meals from our concessions stand and avoid the crowds, please order online at Lunch Pre-Order.  You can then pay when you arrive on Saturday and at lunch use the Express Window to pick up your meals

Tournament Overview

Welcome to MINOTAUR MADNESS, a FIRST LEGO League practice tournament hosted by FRC Team 1369 Minotaur’s practice tournament.  The tournament will be held on Dec 2, 2017 at Stewart Magnet Middle School, 1125 W. Spruce St, Tampa, FL.  This tournament will allow your team to showcase their skills and seek to prepare for future qualifying tournaments. Trophies will be given.   Our volunteers and judges are looking forward to providing the best experience for your teams.

The event will be 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. with team check-in opening at 7:30 a.m. The coaches meeting will be at 8:00 a.m. Opening ceremony is at 8:30 a.m.  All teams should plan to arrive by no later than 7:45 a.m. Teams will receive their event schedules at check-in and any last minute changes at the coaches meeting.

Coach Resources

Resources for coaches are available on the Suncoast FLL Drive.  This includes all the documents needed for this tournament.  You can access the documents at Suncoast FLL Coaches Resources

Tournament Requirements

Team Profile Sheets and Team Rosters or Consent forms will be turned in at the Registration Desk before teams can enter the Pits.  All team members and a coach must be present before the team can enter the pit.

 Team Profile Sheet  Each team requires 5 copies of the Team Profile Sheet.  A fillable version is available on the Coaches Resources Drive.

Consent Forms (required for each team)

Coaches can print a team roster from the FIRST INSPIRES Team Account.  If your team members are not registered in TIMS, each team member must bring the 2 page consent form to the tournament.  This link describes the process.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B85MwRcAXVcgWmt3eEhoU3ZRLVE

General Schedule

The overall preliminary schedule is, as follows. Teams will be provided specific schedule with times before tournament day.

7:30                             Registration and Set-up

8:00                             Coaches Meeting

8:30                             Opening Ceremony

9:15                             Judging and Table Competitions Begin

11:30 – 12:30              Lunch Break (schedule dependent)

12:30                          Judging and Table Competitions Continue

3:00 – 3:30                 Clean-up

3:30 (approx.)             Awards Ceremony

About the Competition

During the competition, your team will participate in:

  • one robot practice round (in the robot arena)
  • three robot competition rounds (highest score counts)
  • project interview (10 minutes)
  • robot design interview (10 minutes)
  • core values interview (10 minutes) (judges will observe pit interactions as well)

Teams will be required to stage outside of the respective judging area at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. The schedule is fairly tight so you and your team members should be aware of your schedules.  Coaches will receive immediate feedback after each judging session. Written comments will be provided at the end of the tournament.

This event has been put together with the kids in mind.   Please remember that the most important thing of all is to bring a good sense of appreciation for what the teams have accomplished and have fun. This tournament is put on entirely by volunteers, so show them your support and appreciation for what they are doing.  Leave your worries at the door and enjoy the day and the kids’ achievements!

Before the Tournament

  • Ensure that you’ve paid the registration fee for the tournament
  • Have your team members registered in TIMS or bring consent forms
  • Have your team members complete the team information sheet and print 5 copies
  • Read over the rubrics so that your team will know what’s expected of them at the tournament.

Tournament Day

  • Make sure everyone on your team knows your FIRST LEGO League team number. All announcements and scoring information will be by team number. Judges will verify who they are judging by team numbers.
  • Once all of the team members have arrived, you have unloaded and parked your vehicles, the coach should go to the registration table with the team roster and/or all signed consent and release forms to register the team. The Registration Desk will be outside the Pit Door.
  • After registering, the team can proceed to the pit area to begin setting up. Each team will have a table with their team name and number on it. Your team packet will include several items to help and enhance your team’s experience during the day.
  • The pit is located in the cafeteria. Like an auto race, the teams come here to tune up their robots, exchange parts, etc. Each team will have a table, chairs, and some space.
  • Parents and visitors are not allowed to hang out in the teams’ pit areas. In fact, only team members should handle the robot and computers at the tournament.
  • Parents and visitors cannot gather around the Robot Competition Table in the Robot Arena to cheer on their teams. The bleachers will be available for all non team members.
  • Coaches should plan on bringing extra batteries for the robot. There are limited number of electrical outlets in the Pit for charging batteries – only battery chargers will be allowed to uswed in Pit area electrical outlets.
  • At your team table, have your team members store their coats and belongings under the table.
  • Teams often bring goodies to share with other teams. No glitter, gum, balloons, or stickers please.

What to Bring to the Tournament

  • Chairs / Tables / Blankets for Outdoor Seating
  • A sense of humor
  • Robot, batteries, accessories and extra parts.
  • A safe container to carry the robot in – protecting your robot from being jostled around.
  • Presentation and needed props/supplies.
  • Computer with the programs OR printed programs.
  • PASSWORD for the computer.
  • Team Roster or Consent and Release forms and Team Profile Sheets (5 copies)
  • Map to the tournament location
  • Name and Cell Phone number of tournament director. (Rich Berglund, 813-486-4801)
  • Your Kids (Seriously, make sure you know how they are getting to/from the tournament)
  • Money for concessions.
  • Roll of paper towels (messes happen!).
  • Plastic trash bags.
  • Your Enthusiasm and Team Spirit and Gracious Professionalism
  • Invite Teachers, Principals, Friends and Family Members

Tournament Events and Activities

Transporting Robot During Event

We’ve all seen it happen before. Someone will drop their robot and watch the parts explode in a million directions. It’s not pretty when you see an adult coach in tears. Please bring a plastic container or box to carry your robot during the event. If it drops, you have a better chance of collecting all of the parts and reassembling it. Only kids on the team will be allowed to touch or handle the robot during the tournament. They built it and are proud of their work. The kids don’t want adults wrecking their masterpieces.

Coaches Meeting

There will be a coaches meeting at 8:00am.  Coaches or assistants will be informed at the Registration Desk where to report. We’ll let you know of any last minute changes. If you have questions before the tournament, please email them to roboticscoach@gmail.com ASAP so we don’t miss the opening ceremonies.


Since this is a practice tournament, Coaches will be allowed into the judging room.  A videographer may be in the room.  This tournament is meant to be a celebration of the team’s achievements. The judges will do their best to put the kids at ease and give them encouragement. A five-minute short question and answer period will follow. At the end of the session, the team will leave and the judges will provide a 1 minute assessment to the coaches.  This is not an in depth explanation or discussion, but rather a identification to the coach of what judges saw.  In most cases the coach will already know from observing the team.

How to Treat The Refs and Judges

Our referees and judges have been trained and are professional in their attitudes and behaviors. They are, however, human and participating in this tournament as volunteers. The referee has been asked to give team members 30 seconds to express a concern (if there are any).  After the 30 second discussion, if there is still disagreement, the Head Ref will be notified of the problem.  The Head Ref and the Tournament Director have the final ruling and will not be up for debate (no matter the circumstance). Please discuss beforehand with your team and with parents that arguing with referees or judges is unacceptable behavior. This tournament is about the achievement of the kids, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Robot Table Performance

3 official competition rounds for each team (2 ½ minutes each). Of the three rounds, the judges will use the highest score to determine the Robot Performance award. Teams must stage at the “in line” at least 3 minutes before their scheduled time. Team members should cheer each other on.  Encourage your teams to show Gracious Professionalism during the Robot Performance. One team member will be asked to sign the score sheet and talk to the referees about any discrepancies. Only a team member can speak to the referees. Ask them to speak graciously to the referees.

Project Interview

This is a ten minute interview. The research presentation is limited to 5 minutes that includes set up time.  After the 5 minute presentation, there will be a five minutes of question and answer session in which the judges ask more details about the project. There won’t be any internet access or projectors or electricity. No live animals please.

Robot Design Interview

This is a ten minute interview.  A competition table will be in the Technical Interview room. A team will be required to demonstrate to the judges the programs that are most impressive and most reliable. The judges will view your team’s robot and ask you about its design. Your team should be able to explain the process and strategy behind their designs.  Teams should bring programming code documentation.  This can be in the form of a technical binder with print outs of their code, pseudo code, and design ideas. Have your teams practice how they will deliver their key points to the judges.

Core Values Interview

This is a ten minute interview. Teams must stage in the waiting area outside the judges room at least 5 minutes before their scheduled time. The judges will give them an exercise to see how they work together as a team.  They will also ask questions regarding teamwork and core values. Teams should have specific examples of core value experiences and teamwork experiences. Core Value judges will also be in the pits quietly observing team interactions.  Coaches will participate in the judging session (in the same manner as you do at normal practice)

Practice Tables

Practice table(s) will be available.  This table is for testing your robot and making last minute changes. Teams need to limit their time to 5 minutes and respect the needs of others. We will have 1 volunteer to monitor the tables.  The practice tables will not have any of the small loose pieces (milk, manure, figures). Teams should plan to bring those items if you intend to do those missions.

Team Etiquette in the Pits

Team members are the only ones who can touch or handle team equipment in the pits. Adults cannot use any PCs in the pit area, no exceptions.  There is no emergency banner.

Think Theme!

Consider the challenge theme and see what ideas your team can come up with to surprise us! We love surprises! (… most of ‘em). Let your kids go wild with your theme to enhance team spirit. Banners, mascots (no live ones please), etc. are allowed.


We expect everything will go safely. No injuries, no accidents, nothing that a hug or a bandage couldn’t remedy. However, as a coach you have to be aware of your responsibilities for the care and safety of your students, your belongings, those around you, and the facilities. It starts when you get behind the wheel and doesn’t end until the last team member gets safely home. Personally, we wouldn’t want these responsibilities alone and would expect at least some of the parents of the students to make the trip as well. There will be a lot of valuables sitting on tables around this event. If even one person lost something to theft, it would be felt by all. This event is open to the public. We encourage others to come and see what your students have done. FLL is growing because of your efforts and those of others. Use common sense. Don’t leave valuables unattended. If you have something that is expensive and a likely target of theft, leave it at home. Encourage your students to do the same. Establish rules for your team before you arrive. Keep your kids safe.


  • Check the FIRST LEGO League website for robot game updates and project updates
  • Have a parent or friend from your team volunteer at the tournament.
  • Be on time to your events. Teams are required to stage at their respective judging session at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time.
  • The Minotaur Madness tournament adheres to the core FLL values, Gracious Professionalism and coopertition. Tournament judges will take these values into consideration as they evaluate teams. If you wish to bring any activities (positive or negative) to the attention of the tournament officials, write it out and bring it to the registration desk.
  • Because of safety (of people, computers, equipment) there will be designated “off limits areas” throughout the tournament site. Please honor these so that there is no damage to equipment or programs.
  • There should be No Running inside the buildings at all. Also, there shouldn’t be any profanity or tobacco products on the HCC’s property.
  • Do not bring any valuable personal items. But kids should bring Frisbees, balls, games, cards, etc to use during free time.
  • Remind your team and parents about Gracious Professionalism. This is the key value of FLL and is a judged part of the tournament. It’s nice that the kids know what it is, but it is better if they can practice it.
  • Remember to Have Fun!

Anything Else

Remember, we’re all volunteers who love kids and robotics! If you see something missing here, or want clarification, please let us know! Good luck to you and your team, and here’s hoping that you find all the Lego in your carpet before your vacuum cleaner does! Thanks for joining us in this adventure. We have tried our best to plan and create an environment that will enable your kids to flourish and show of their hard work in science and technology and teamwork.


Rich Berglund

Tournament Director