Varsity Letter

Middleton Magnet High School received approval from the Hillsborough County School Board to award a varsity letter in robotics during the 2015-2016 school year. This was the result of an extensive 2 year campaign to receive approval and recognition for the robotics students. Middleton is the only school on the west coast and one of a few in the state of Florida to allow students to earn a Varsity Letter in Robotics.  At Middleton, the robotics program is viewed at the same level as all sports teams and recognition is commensurate to that recognition.

A Middleton Magnet High School Academic Varsity Letter can be earned in Robotics. The letter recognizes the student for their Teamwork, Excellence, Achievement, Commitment and Honor. Varsity letter students work together to excel, achieve goals through commitment and represent their organization honorably. The varsity letter student is expected to represent Middleton Robotics and Middleton Magnet High School honorably at all team and/or club functions. Students who meet the following requirements will be awarded the Varsity Letter.



  • Honor Society: Member in good standing of a recognized Honor Society
  • Participation: Two “complete years” of “active participation” in Middleton Robotics.
    • A “complete year” is defined as September to May. “Active participation” includes productive contribution at meetings, support activities, community service events and fundraising.
    • A first year team member who is a senior is eligible for the Varsity letter if they meet all the requirements. (must join the team in September and fulfill all requirements)
  • Academics: Minimum of 3.00 unweighted. Additionally no “F” in any class
  • Attendance: Students must attend a minimum of 65% of the total team meetings and 1 competition per year
  • Community Outreach: Student must participate in a minimum of 3 “Middleton Robotics approved” community outreach events and minimum 15 hours per year. (Activities May-August will count toward upcoming year.)
  • Fundraising: Student must satisfy individual fundraising goals each year
  • Leadership: Student must hold a leadership position (team or club) for minimum 1 year or lead a special project as approved by Robotics Senior Mentor
    • Leadership positions: Club (any approved position); Team (Captain, Sub Team Lead, Safety Captain); Special Projects (outreach, fundraising, training)
  • Safety: Student must successfully pass Safety Test each year with minimum score of 80%
  • Discipline: Student must adhere to the Hillsborough County School District Code of Conduct.
    • No disciplinary actions (to include referrals)
    • Student must display appropriate leadership behavior and a model representative of Middleton Robotics and Middleton Magnet High School
  • Recommendation/Approval: Student must be recommended team coach and approved by Middleton High School Assistant Principal, Magnet Program

Varsity Award Levels

  • Each year before the student earns the Varsity Letter, they will receive the pin for that season’s game.
  • Once a minimum of two complete years and all requirements, student will be designated a Varsity Student. If the student has not earned a varsity letter in any sport or academic discipline, student will receive a cloth letter. If student has previous varsity letter, they will be awarded a gold robotics pin.
  • For the second year of earning a Varsity Award, student will be designated a Senior Varsity Student and receive a gold Middleton Robotics chevron.
  • For the third and final year of earning a Varsity Award, student will be designated a Master Varsity Student and receive a second gold Middleton Robotics chevron.

Master Varsity Awardees



Senior Varsity Awardees


Tristan Baldwin
Andrew Butt
Adam Cook
Varun Madabushi
Erin P.
Varun Singh


Varsity Awardees


Jonah Allen
Elijah B.
Avery Broseghini
Lauren Brown
Russell D.
Isaac F.
Ezekiel G.
Jonathan G.
Ethan H.
Brandon J.
Jack M.
Briana M.
Jason R.
Alex R.
London T.
Ryan W.
Jonathan Z.


Alex Alamed
Surya Balaji
Kyle Coker
Alex Dimartino