Middleton Robotics’ VEX teams compete as part of the VEX EDR program. In this division, aluminum and steel parts are used, and the robots are built using the VEX EDR Design System. Students from Grades 6-12 may participate. Additionally, while the visual code editor is still available, most students take advantage of VEX’s RobotC for their programming. At tournaments, teams participate in qualifying matches where two teams vs two teams participate. In the Elimination Rounds, alliances of three teams are selected by the top-seeded teams, and the alliance who wins the finals is the winner of the tournament.

Season Archive

2016-2017 Starstruck

VEX 6260 changed its name to Mercury competed in Starstruck at qualifying tournaments around Hillsborough County. Team qualified for and competed at the Florida State Tournament where they also qualified for a slot at the U.S. National.  Unfortunately, they could not attend because all slots were taken.  Learn More

2015-2016 Nothing But Net

VEX 6260 had a rebuilding year concentrating on team organization and leadership development of a new captain. Team welcomed several new students and work diligently toward the challenge. Best lesson learned was develop a plan and design and most importantly a “no more good ideas” date. Learn More

2014-2015 Sky Rise

Middleton fielded 3 VEX teams for the Skyrise season. All teams were competitive at local events. VEX 6260M Masquerade qualified for and competed at the Florida State Championship.  Masquerade also qualified for the U.S. Open Championship but was unable to compete due to financial and scheduling conflicts. Learn More

2013-2014 Toss Up

Short season recap 1 para max.  Learn More

2012-2013 Sack Attack

Middleton fielded 2 teams for the 2012-2013 VEX season, Sack Attack, with the addition of 6260B Theseus. Team 6260 also was listed as Team 6260A for the season.  Learn More

2011-2012 Gateway

Short season recap 1 para max.  Learn More

2010-2011 Round Up

2010 is the rookie year for VEX Team 6260 Indecisive.  Learn More