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May 14, 2015

Hello Middleton Robotics Families,It has been another fruitful year for Middleton Robotics.  We have had successes as well as learning challenges.  The most important thing however, is that the students were inspired to do their very best.  A big shout out goes to Mr. Mead, Mrs. Gerena, Mrs. Freriks and the rest of the MHS Administration for their continued support.  If you see one of them in the hall, please thank them for their support.

This newsletter will cover the following items:
1.  Club Student/Parent Meeting
2.  Student Leadership Applications
3.  Adult Leadership Meeting
4.  Fundraising During the Summer
5.  Adult Fundraising Committee
​6.  Slide the City Fundraiser

1.  Club Student/Parent Meeting
As this season winds down and we transition into next season, we want to take the opportunity to have one last Student/Parent meeting.  The meeting is scheduled to address club activities both past year and future changes.  The meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 15, 2015 from 6:00-8:00pm in the Middleton H.S. Media Center. We don’t expect for the meeting to last the entire time, but have reserved the time slot for questions.

2. Student Leadership Applications
It’s time for new student leaders to step up and provide mentorship for the teams. If you would like to be a Team Captain or Club President, you must apply for that role.  Leadership Applications have been sent to the Coaches for distribution to their respective teams.  Download and print from here, or you can request one from Rich Berglund at

Completed applications must be submitted by the deadline, Tuesday May 12th, at 3:00pm.  Submit your completed application to Mrs. Freriks or Mr. Mead.

3.  Adult Leadership Meeting
The next Adult Leadership meeting will be Tuesday, May 12 at 6:00pm in Room 308.  Purpose is to discuss student leadership applications and also club changes.  Teams may also invite their Assistant Coaches or Adult Leaders.  For any other adult in the club who has been thinking about helping out with one of the teams, you are welcome.  We need adult mentors!  If we do not have mentors for the teams, we will not have teams for the students.  If you have questions, please contact Rich Berglund at

4.  Fundraising During the Summer
As you know, running the robotics program is not cheap.  Despite several fundraisers, some students did not meet their fundraising goals. This places an extra burden on those who are contributing.  Fundraising is a year round activity and the summertime (i.e. car wash, garage sale, etc.) is a good time to hold some events.  If you would like to coordinate an event, start planning.  Send Rich Berglund an email at so we can get it published to club.  Students who organize an event, receive extra credit towards their goals.

​​5.  Adult Fundraising Committee
We are establishing a Club Fundraising Committee.  Each team is required to have at least one representative on the committee. If you would like to serve on this important committee, please email Rich Berglund at ASAP.We need your help!  We are trying to get a head start on next year’s fundraising goals with activities over the summer as well as develop and solicit corporate sponsors.

6.  Slide the City Fundraiser
We have a unique fundraising opportunity that we will again co-work with Boy Scout Troop #109.  Money raised at this event will go directly towards next year’s fundraising goal.  Seniors who have graduated can designate their earnings to any student in the club. The “Slide the City” ( is coming to Tampa on Sunday, June 21st.   If you have never been to slide the city it is AWESOME.  The event is looking for volunteers (who they will pay) to work the event.

This opportunity is open to adults 18+ and youth 16+.  There are up to 100 slots available for the day, but space are limited so it will be first come first serve.  One person, per time slot.  Slide the City is paying $30 per time slot per person.  If you work one time slot that is $30.  If you want to sign up all day that is $120.  If you get 4 people to work one shift, that is $120.  This is a great opportunity for students, parents, relatives, & friends. It’s that easy.  We will also be given a code that you get people to sign up for the event you will be given a portion of that as well.

Time slots:  (each have unique number requirements).  You may sign-up for multiple shifts to multiply earnings.

6:00AM – 10:00AM Morning Shift (set-up)
9:30AM – 2:30PM Mid-Day Shift (Slide Monitors; Registration Tent)
2:00PM – 7:00PM Afternoon Shift (Slide Monitors, Registration Tent, Tent Breakdown, Initiate Slide Clean Up)
5:00PM – 9:00PM Evening Shift (Event Clean-up)

Again, volunteer slots are limited.  Once slots are filled, that’s it.  If you want to work, please send an email ASAP to Rich Berglund, FRC Coach at  Please indicate time slot(s) desired and the student to credit.

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